Sinagra Chiropractic Testimonials

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Sinagra, I am able to pursue my passion - ballet. I have three herniated discs in my neck and two in the lower back which cause me great pain. Dr. Sinagra is like a magician and maneuvers my spine in such a way that I am pain free. It is because of chiropractic care that I am able to take five ballet classes a week and perform on occasion. Dr. Sinagra is one of the most caring and dedicated individuals I have ever met. Thank you Doc for continuing to keep me on my toes!

Chiropractic care has enhanced my performance at horse shows and ballet productions. I always feel better after seeing a chiropractor.

Pat G. , Patchogue 



I have been a patient of Dr. Ron Sinagra for about one year, and wish to attest to the benefits of his treatment. The initial diagnosis was of three misaligned vertebrae in my lower back, and three at the base of my neck. After a series of treatments, both are fully corrected, and I now receive weekly adjustments to maintain that ideal condition. It is important to understand that Dr. Sinagra's treatments are not merely gauged to relieve pain, but to bring about overall good health by maintaining proper spinal health, and he accomplishes this with an incredible understanding of the human anatomy combined with his "compassionate dexterity". I wholeheartedly recommend his practice to anyone wishing to not only attain pain relief, but a return to overall good health through proper spinal conditions. (He gets embarrassed when I say it, but I call him my "personal magician").

William Fumei,    Sayville


I first heard about Dr. Ronald Sinagra from his articles that I read in the newspaper.  I had a pinched nerve in my neck and fibromyalgia. I could not sleep or turn my head and I had a shooting pain that went down my arm into my fingers.  It was very hard to get through the day. In just a few short weeks of treatment with Dr. Sinagra I felt better. My husband noticed a difference right away.  Dr. Ron is wonderful and really cares.  Also, Marie, the massage therapist  has healing hands.  I am now able to function better and my sleep has greatly improved.  The best part is, with this type of treatment, your body heals itself without the use of drugs.

Nancy Clarke, Sayville



Dr. Ron is compassionate about his job and his practice. He has treated me, my 3 year old daughter, my 2 year old son and my husband for almost a year now. We all love him!
I feel almost 100% better since first seeing him. Not only did he administer chiropractic care, but he taught me to track my diet, he put me on pure supplements for digestive care, and he taught me the power of positive thinking. I have been empowered by the help of Dr. Ron and I feel so much more alive and energized.
Dr. Ron truly cares, treats and teaches his patients. I admire his drive to connect with his patients, continue to seek knowledge and to spread the word of internal healing through classes in his office as well as conferences around the country. Our family loves Dr. Ron and highly recommends him to anyone
Dr. Ron is a positive force of energy in the world. He teaches you to use the power of positive thinking to heal yourself. He empowers you!

Kelly Anderson – Medford, NY


Five years ago, I began waking up in the middle of the night with pains in my back that had my heart racing, wide awake, and scared. After the third night in a row, I knew I needed some answers about what was going on. X-rays showed I had whiplash and a pinched nerve in my back, so I started getting adjusted regularly. I was doing well until I was rear-ended on my way home from work one night almost two years ago. I ended up with whiplash again, and started having headaches from it. I’m still being adjusted twice a week, and now only seen to get headaches if I’m under a lot of stress. I know that an adjustment will end the headache, but I try to make sure I don’t miss any of my appointments.

I’ve also brought both my children in to be adjusted. My son was rear-ended on his way home from school one night as well, and had whiplash. I brought him in the next day and he started being adjusted regularly. He also suffers from TMJ which makes his ears ring badly. Adjustments help with the jaw pain & the ringing in his ears.

My daughter fractured her collar bone in a fall and started having migraines. She was having them so often she began to miss a lot of school. When I brought her in, her x-rays showed she had whiplash; probably from the fall. Adjustments stopped the migraines for her. A few months ago she fell off her bicycle and ended up in the emergency room. Since she didn’t hit her head or lose consciousness, they didn’t take any x-rays. But since I know how easily whiplash can happen I brought her back in to be checked just for my own peace of mind. She thought I was crazy, but when she saw her x-rays and how straight her neck was she was glad she went. She had another case of whiplash, from falling off a bicycle! She’s leaving for college at the end of August, and we’re both relieved that she won’t have any problems from the fall.

Thanks Doc! We wouldn’t all be healthy without you!

Robyn Ahders


My Dad had been going to see Dr. Ron on and off for years. After he stopped driving it was difficult for him to get there so often because I work.
One day my dad woke up and he couldn’t move his legs. I called his M.D.(who isn’t his MD anymore) and was told to bring him to the E.R., even though his office was open.
I called Dr. Ron instead. Being a believer and survivor because of chiropractic I know the legs are connected to the back and can be fixed without going into the hospital.
There were no questions asked as to a cause, only reassurance that “yes” this is going to be ok”. After a few weeks of Dad being wheeled into the office he then was able to walk in. Dad walks in to see Dr. Ron and is back to his old(85 year old) self.
Chiropractic is a natural way to relieve pain.
My Dad and I are WALKING proof Chiropractic works.
Fred Hieronymi & Joann Samuelson


I had pain down my legs. It interfered with my daily routine.

After 3 or 4 weeks of chiropractic I noticed an improvement.

I was able to walk without pain.

Ellen Schmitt


When I was 7 years old I was having earaches and fevers. I was hospitalized for mastoids. My father knew a chiropractor and brought him to the hospital. He gave me an adjustment, and about two hours later he gave me a second adjustment.
Some time later the fever broke. Still later I told my father I had to blow my nose. He held a handkerchief for me and when I blew my nose some thing that looked like a grapevine started to come out. I told my father it felt good, keep pulling. A growth about 12 inches came out. The next day they took x-rays and they were clear. I was discharged and went home.
There were no more fevers or earaches.
John Fuhrmann

In my line of work, I too often, use my body in ways that make it very unhappy. Occasionally I even injure myself. Most recently I pulled something in my upper back, which caused severe neck and left arm pain.

Although I have been familiar with chiropractic care for many years, I was stubborn and thought that and perhaps some stretching on my part would overcome the problem. Well, almost three weeks later I was in more pain than originally. Apparently my muscles reacted by becoming tighter and tighter, and more and more painful. My left arm was beginning to feel numb as well as in pain.

Finally, I remembered that I could easily fix this pain by a few visits to Ron Sinagra.

After the first visit I felt some relief, but I had waited too long. After the second visit I realized a tremendous relief from the pain.

I am planning my third visit this afternoon, and am sure that I will be in great shape this evening. I will continue to visit Dr. Ron until he says I am well again.

In addition, if he recommends regularly scheduled visits for preventative measures, I am sure that I will take his advice. He is truly the best chiropractor that I have ever visited. I recommend that everyone visit him for his diagnosis. After all he is the doctor we are not.

Thank you again Dr. Ron!

Marty Levine


Let me begin by saying that I have known Dr. Ronald Sinagra for many years and every time I went to him in pain he would fix me but I never followed up, got lazy and stopped going to see him (what a mistake that was).

I was diagnosed in June 2006 with a badly torn meniscus and severe arthritis in my right knee. I was told by an orthopedic surgeon that after lengthy physical therapy I would probably have to have arthroscopic surgery and if that didn’t work definitely a full knew replacement.

I began walking with a cane in June to relieve the pressure on my knee which pushed the rest of my body out of alignment. I went back to Dr. Ron at the end of August because of the pain in my back and hip and the results because of his care are amazing. About three weeks ago I asked Dr. Ron if he could adjust my knee even though the meniscus was torn and there was sever arthritis there, he said yes and went to work. No three weeks later I walk around the house and office without a cane. I am practically pain free and absolutely certain that I will not have to be subjected to a surgeon’s table.

Thank you Dr. Ron, you are my hero but more than that, you are a healer.

Bernadette Fritz
Hauppauge, NY


I have been a patient of Dr. Ronald Sinagra for one year. Previously, I went to a friend of his another chiropractor for about ten years. Because of his retiring I started using Dr. Ron. I found his adjustments worked real well for me.

I drive a truck for a living and this irritates my back and neck. I would not be able to remain active if I was not adjusted weekly. I remain pain free in the lower back and neck area with my weekly visit. I need to mention that I travel 26 miles each for my visit. The visit is well worth the extra drive and fuel spent.

I believe I have found my healer.

Kevin Marty
Merrick, NY


I have had persistent ringing in one ear for years. After only two chiropractic visits, the ringing is gone.

A new exercise program came to an abrupt halt after continuously experiencing shin splints. I am happy to acknowledge chiropractic adjustments have improved my posture and alleviated the shin splints.

I realize this sounds crazy, but hot flashes I’ve lived with for the last ten years have eased enough for me to finally get a restful night’s sleep!

Helen Ann Miller