Chiropractic is a Power-Healing art that empowers the patient, NOT the disease.

My name is Dr. Ronald Sinagra and I have been practicing chiropractic on Long Island in Sayville, New York for 20 years. I have published this website to share my philosophies on healing, the services I offer, current health news, and health related articles.

The topics of health and healing have become somewhat bewildering for many people these days. As consumers, we are repeatedly bombarded with drug advertisements, new fad diets, and the latest in a long line of newly contrived syndromes. It is scary. If you have chronic illness and pain, your body is not healing itself.

Rather than addressing the cause of your pain, we are often advised to treat it with drugs. In essence, this prescription only masks the pain; it does not speak to the underlying problem. I believe that people should focus on restoring normal function so the body can heal itself.

This is the core principle of Chiropractic healing: “Remove the obstruction so the body can heal itself.” For two decades, my practice has been educating patients to take a proactive approach to body healing.

“The strongest medicine in the world is a healthy body.”



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